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New to this group and loving all the help on here
I work full time (completely different job to beauty) and I have no experience of treatments, however I have a lovely studio space above my garage which I am looking to do spray tanning in- as this would be the easiest for me to train in with no previous experience.
I’m wondering whether one treatment would be enough or should I do something extra. I’m thinking maybe waxing?


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Spray tanning is certainly a good treatment to start with and it's great you've got a nice space to do it in. A word of advice is if you do decide to offer any other treatments, make sure you can properly partition off your spray tan area as it gets EVERYWHERE!! I used to do spray tanning in my Beauty room before we converted our garage and every surface ended up with a sticky brown layer over it! I now have a 4' x 8' approx tiled room with a shower above a shower tray which the client stands in and then I can just spray it away afterwards. There is also a small high window and a standard bathroom extractor fan in there, but I must admit spray tans are a very small part of my business so it's not in daily use.

Are you intending to offer tans alongside your full time job? Or are you hoping to gradually cut your hours in your job? I think the general consensus is that it's not easy to earn a full time wage from spray tanning and it is a seasonal treatment. Unfortunately (well, I think so!) Sunbeds seem to be very popular again now, so some people who like a year-round tan are opting for that instead of regular spray tans, but there are still those that don't want to use a sunbed.

Waxing would be another good treatment, but go on a really good course. (Like Kim Lawless). If you are thinking of adding even more treatments I would recommend doing your level 2 in Beauty Therapy as this will cover the basics and a lot of insurance companies will insist on it for certain treatments. It will also cover anatomy and physiology, which you won't cover in depth on many short courses.