Acne | coincidence?


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hey geeks,
I have hormonal acne on my chin.

I started using a progesterone cream (someone recommended it) which you apply on your body 14 days of the month.

A month ago I also started a low carb diet, I've cut bread, potatoes, cereal, and only eat small amounts of rice and pasta.

My skin this past month has been greatly improved......I haven't had to use my acne cream either.

am wondering is it the progesterone cream or the low carb or both?

Matthew Taylor

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Its always tricky when there are variables introduced at the same time!

I think the only way you will truly know would be to cut one of them out, so maybe not using the cream for a period of time?

Diet plays such an important role in the skin - I know this esp when I eat absolute crap!!!

Fantastic news though that your skin has cleared up, bet youre well happy! :biggrin: