Acrylic nails and aftercare advice


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does this sound ok am I missing anything, I want this form to be given to every client and act as a disclaimer to cover me. can you think of anything else i should add to it? xx

Aftercare Advice​

  • Please do not pick the nails as this will weaken them.
  • If lifting occurs please come back to me for a repair.
  • Use gloves when using cleaning products or gardening
  • You may apply hand cream and Cuticle oil as needed.
If you lose a nail within the first 4 days of fitting I will replace the affected nail for free. Any nail loss after the initial 4 days I charge a £5 call out charge to replace the nail. In the unlikely event you need 5 or more nails replaced then you will be charged for a new set. Please send a photo so I can assess the repair needed. Do not pick remaining nails off.​