Acrylic nails keep breaking from tip!

Hello guys I need HEEELPPP I am a new nail tech, i've been having so much trouble with nails breaking at the tip. No matter if they are shot or long they are breaking off from the tip only! Thankfully all my clients have been very understand but I have no clue what im doing wrong!!! I am having no lifting on the nail plate and im sure im prepping the nail right since the whole nail isn't the one breaking off (i could be wrong) Am I making them too thin????? Does anyone have advice I've been feeling so unmotivated I had one girl who lost 3 nail tips before a week of having them done! please help and no negative comments I'm already doubting my self enough. I've reached out to nail techs around my area and they don't want to help with answering questions

I had a girl say she was scratching her leg and nail just broke off from the tip!


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If you uploaded photos of the nails you did, profile view preferably, then we might be able to help.

If you are using tips, are the nail tips buffed with 180 grit first to help adhesion? Is the tip glue you're using not holding or the tip not adhering? Try a change of glue and tip brand to see if it helps.

What brand of acrylic are you using? Is your apex too flat or too far back to protect the stress point? Are you over filing?I
If you're sculpting perhaps you need to go a little thicker with your product.

Make sure your clients send you pictures before they start fiddling with it so you can make an assessment

I want to change the nail tips i use i've noticed they're to flat do you have any recomendations??? I'm using mia secret products



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Could be lack of proper C curve or incorrectly placed Apex. The angles of those photos don't give us this information.


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It is difficult to tell however it does look like the product application is very thin at the stress point.
Do you build an apex?

I think so too.
Where the tips have gone the natural nail still looks in fairly good shape. If the product is too thin the tips are taking the strain and although it’s hard to say for sure, the fact that the nails look ok where tips have given up make me think that possibly your tips aren’t getting a good fit and possibly only partially fixed to the free edge of the nail. That could be the shape of the tips, the angle you are fixing them or that you are filing the join to a micron so there isn’t any thickness to deal with day to day impact which would be a bigger problem the thinner the overlay is.
I reckon if you leave a bit more thickness on the tip joints and add a bit more product bulk to the apex on the stress area over the top of them you’ll have less problems.

thank you so much, I have been over filling the edge of the tip to blend it!! Thank you guys for all the help!!!

do ya'll have any good nail tip recommendations???


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thank you so much, I have been over filling the edge of the tip to blend it!! Thank you guys for all the help!!!
I think you are misunderstanding the suggestions, its not the tip blending thats the problem, as Ciderella has pointed out you have no stress apex or strength apex at the stress point. There is no strength in the tips or glue, the strength is in the creation of a proper structure with your overlay product.


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okay so i used to have this issue, im self taught and im just learning from practice and asking for help but i have some ideas to help you! so to start with you are gluing on ur tips and some issues with that is if the tips are too small it can create tension and make it alot easier for it to break off. it could also be your glue, i used to have issues where my tips would just separate from the nail. i fixed that by applying glue on the tip and the nail and then pressing them together. if that doesnt work i have no other knowledge than to switch to forms. with the acrylic itself, explaining in the simplest way, when ur nail breaks off whole it is a prep issue, when ur nail breaks by the tip its a build problem. the issue u are running into is with your apex, the apex is the stress point on the nail when pressure is put on. a great way to tell ur stress point is after applying the tip put light pressure on the tip of the nail and look for where the nail turns white, that is ur apex. that needs to be the highest point of ur building to support the nail and keep it from snapping. ur best bet to fix this is to built up on ur apex. Best of luck and let me know if u notice any changes because i would love the feedback because im still a beginner and could be wrong.