Acrylic paint for nail art or just carry on using Shellac for it?


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Hi I know this is an old post so hope you don’t mind me messaging- but can you remember who it was offering the sharpie marker nail art classes thanks so much if you can
I think it was Kirsty Meakin, or Gemna Lambert, I follow both and can't remember. There's loads of youtube tutorials


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I borrowed my dads acrylic paints this morning and Iv discovered It's soooo much harder than it looks. Can't get the paint to a nice consistently and the colours are not popping like I thought they would, all a bit wishy washy. Maybe they are crap paints, maybe it's just not for me.
The best paints are Italian. Maimeri Polycolor are popular among top nail artists.

Your right about getting the crisp lines, much harder with gel polish! You'll be pleased if you try out the acrylic paint.
It depends on the gel polish. These were created with our gel polish:

IMG_2218 400x600.png