Adding glitter to gel nails

I'm gonna sound stupid but I have search and searched for the answer but just confused myself more!
How do you do glitter over gel enhancements? do you put the glitter on after the first thin layer, cure and then build the apex so you are almost encapsulating the gel. Or do you put the glitter on at the end, after you have cured the gel and then do a top coat (or 2)? if you do it the second way I take it that you don't wipe the tacky layer away as this is holding the glitter? I'm so confused and I havent even started on glitter with Shellac yet!!:sad:
Thanks for ANY help I get :D
i think you can dip your gel into the pot of glitter with your brush :)
Hi. I did a set last night, I did 2 coats of gel, put the glitter in the sticky layer after curing second coat, pressed it in with my finger then did a top coat. Hope that helps. X

Hey :)
The best way i found for me was to apply a thin layer of clear first and cure then apply another layer of gel and have some paper under the hand to pick up an excess glitter.. Tap the glitter easily over the nail and tap excess glitter off.. Push the glitter into the gel with your brush making sure you clean your brush before dipping into your pot of gel.. And clean sidewalls etc before curing!! Then cure for 2mins and apply gel again to cover glitter :) HTH x
Thank you for your replies...Helped a lot! I'm going to have a go tonight on my daughter and see how much mess we can make LOL. I will let you know how it goes and hopefully post some pics :Love:


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This is how I do glitter gel nails and find it's the best method for smooth glitter gels !
1. Do a gel layer to build and cure it
2. Put on another layer of gel and without curing it yet drop your loose glitter into it, however you want ombré etc and then cure it
3. Dust off any excess glitter and apply another layer of gel over the glitter and cure it (2 times if chunkier glitter)
4. Wipe off the tacky layer and buff it cloudy keep buffing until smooth and flat ps don't panic! Clean the nail
5. Apply final layer of gel, cure and wipe tacky layer off!
You will have lovely smooth glitter nails!:)
I use calgel so I mix 2 scoops of gel with 2 scoops of glitter in an empty pot, apply 1 coat cure second coat cure the a final layer of clear. I love glitter nails x