Advertising waxing


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Hi! I’ve very recently completed a wax course, I’m just curious how you all advertise on Instagram for example? Is it the ‘done thing’ to post before and afters of waxing (with clients permission) for example a leg and an underarm? My existing treatments are all skin based (dermaplaning and peels) so I do a lot of before and afters for that, but I don’t really see a lot of befores and afters for waxing. I don’t know if I’ve thought about this too much haha.
Also, Feb a quiet month for everyone?


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No, I don't think I've ever promoted waxing with before and after photos. They wouldn't be the most attractive really would they and clients would probably not want their legs / chins / whatever on show.
Facebook have rules on how much skin can be showing in images used on posts (I don't know if Instagram is the same). Sometimes I can't even use a photo of a back massage on FB! It gets rejected!

I use images from the waxing company I use. They are usually tastefully elegant images of smooth legs or beach/holiday photos. That sort of thing.


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Ok, thanks! I did think they wouldn’t be the best photos but I just wanted to know what other people did. It only occurred to me because that’s what I’m so used to haha