Advice for becoming a mobile manicurist?


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I’ve been doing nails for 7 years now and I’ve come to the point where I’ve realized that working for someone else is only benefiting them in the long run, and I feel like I’m running myself down when business is slow and I feel like I’m wasting my time at an establishment where as if I could see clients on my own time and build up my clientele there that it would be better for me, and that I would be more happy. Just seeing if anyone had any advice on how to start up or go about this! thank you!

FYI : I work for someone but I only make 60% of my earnings and I don’t get any hourly wage... so if I have a slow day that means I made nothing that day, and wasted at least 6-8 hours of my day

I was the same, worked in salons for 10 years but only the big bosses got the commission for all our hard work! I started doing mobile then have moved into a home. Tbh doing mobile ,unless you can be really structured with where your clients live, how far you have to travel, you end up spending a lot of time travelling/setting up/clearing up then driving again so I found hardly any profit this way and longer hours, whereas working from home everyone comes to me so the turnaround time is the same as a salon. I like that it means I can get things done in the gaps. VERY occasionally it can mean that clients don't respect your time as much and let you down last minute so just make it perfectly clear at the beginning that you will charge if not enough notice is given and that their time slot is strict. If you don't have room at home maybe see if there's a room you can rent somewhere then at least you are in control and can work out if it's worth it with the rent and product costs
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Only you can make that decision.....
I own a salon and have been self employed for many years .....
Be careful what you wish for.....
Could you not set up at home?
I’m mobile and I must admit it’s. Bit of. A pain.
I do nails as an add on to other hair services so it’s worth it if I can add £25-40 onto a job.
But if I was just doing nails I would think about setting up somewhere.
Not to mention if a chip happens (less these days anyway) and you have to drive back to fix one chip, not a great feeling!