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May 12, 2016
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Hey all.

I'm looking to expand and get a second salon for my business. It is all a bit daunting if I'm honest but this is pushing me to do it even more.
What are your top tips and advice that you can offer?

Thank you


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Mar 9, 2014
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Who’se going to run/manage your main salon whilst you are setting up the second (or vice versa)? You want your team jumping at the chance to show you what they can do when you’re not around.

Try reducing your days in your main salon in preparation to work on other projects. Monitor the KPI’s Does your retail and rebooking rate hold up? How many new clients are booked in?

Survey the salon on your next day back in. What’s changed? Are the bins empty? Retail displays rearranged? Have incoming emails about new products or protocols been responded to in any way? Has a stock check been done? Is there any sort of handover/feedback on the day? If yes, brilliant! If however there’s blown light bulbs waiting to be changed, barely a drip of milk in the fridge and your “to do” list is just as long, then I’d think again.

it doesn’t matter how brilliant your new opportunity, it cannot work if you don’t have a team ready for this next step.

My daughter wanted to run her own salon and she didn’t really want me around. After 9 months, and lots of advice, I moved in... On day one I walked in through the door and immediately started picking up little things not attended to. I did it automatically, unthinkingly and realised instantly (from the scowl on her face) why my daughter hadn’t wanted me breathing down her neck....that month she hit target for the first time. It was a big increase. My daughter was a good people manager but she wasn’t thinking like the boss.

She started a new job in sales a while ago. I asked her how her first month had gone. “Oh Mum” she said, “it was dreadful, my manager was off and there was a new girl who hadn’t had anything set up for her, I spent the first week getting her security pass and computer log in sorted out and making sure she knew what to do whilst another guy sulked unhelpfully in the corner. It wasn’t my job to do any of that, but I could see it needed to be done. When my manager returned I was given a team of my own including the new girl. It turned out that sulking guy though he should have got the opportunity, but I’m sorry, he had his chance”.

if your business is ready to expand your team will let you know...
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