Advice for just starting out!

Hey guys, iv just qualified and I'm going to do mobile beauty therapy but I'm not going to do it until after Xmas as I want a bit of time practising on friends and family to start with just so I'm a bit more confident!! Just would like to know your views and advice on just starting out and the best way to do it!!
Thanku!! X x


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Best advice I have is to make a brew and try the search function, hours of reading to fill your brain ^.^ x

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Yes that's probably the best thing!! I have learnt so much on here already!! Everyone has usual advise x x x

Ditto . . . I spent months doing a business plan and got loads of info on here. Started out and wish I had of spent more time on it as I am not as busy as I should be.

I would suggest if you know what treatments you are going to offer, make a price list and create a marketing plan. My clients are all word of mouth at the moment but I am hoping to up my game in the new year.

Good luck - best decision I ever made xx
Thanku!! It's quite scary but I can't wait to take the plunge!! X x x