Advice for Shellac, please

Hi all, so I'm doing shellac manicures and this is my process....

Sanitize hands.
File nails, push back cuticles using cuticle away, buff slightly and client washes hands with soap and water. When they return I notice they have some flake under their nails and I use the buffer to take it out under the nails. Can you suggest what else I can use that's easier to clean under the nails?

I will then follow up with bass coat, 2 colour coats and top coat. Can you advise on what you use to clean the sides if you have polish on the sides? Currently I just use my own nails or cotton buds but are orange wood sticks better? Thanks x

Hi, I'm *very* new so partly posting to double check if what I'm thinking is correct once someone with more experience replies (so while my training is fresh in my mind, please don't take it as gospel!)

Regards clean up, I use a detail brush with d-sperse. I like how thin and neat it leaves the margin. I'd worry that if you use your own nail, you'd risk over exposing yourself to uncured product which could lead to developing an allergy.

I do the same to remove any bits missed from filing (using file or buffer in an 'upward' motion)

Just one other thing that's more of a question to other geeks... I thought shellac didn't require buffing as part of prep?

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Flakes? Is this from the removal process?

Cleaning up, orange wood stick works great for me, but try to avoid skin exposure if possible.

And no, Shellac doesn't require buffing the natural nail.

Hope that helps!

Yes I use an upward motion. Which brush do you use to neaten please? Do u clean with disperse before or after cure as I was taught to clean before cure as it just comes off and after to us tidy after cure....when you train with CND shellac direct they say not buff but up to you. I do a light one


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when you train with CND shellac direct they say not buff but up to you. I do a light one
seeing as the advice was from The Geek, as in Samuel Sweet, as in owner/director of SweetSquared, as in the only authorised suppliers of CND Shellac training I think he knows what he's saying - CND do not recommend buffing the natural nail before application.

Re clean-up, I use a cheapie nail artisan brush which doesn't have the type/size on it, so don't know exactly what one it is. I'd say the closest brush can compare it to is a lecente D2 perhaps?

I do both types of clean up before curing. There's very, very little d-sperse on the brush and it's small enough to target precisely to to bits that need getting rid of, so hopefully I'm not risking altering the product on the parts of the nail adjacent to cleanup.