Advice needed, demanding client!


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Really wanted some professional advice
So i have had a particular client for 4years?
She started off just as a hair extention client,
Who i generally saw on maintence, fitting and removal appointments-not much!
Gradually she started having more services with me and gradually i learnt how demanding she can be.
She has had me go at 10pm at night as she couldnt do any other day or time (i know call me stupid)
She rings on the night before expecting i drop everything or go at night time to style or colour her hair (her last hair dresser could ‘never fit her in’)
She is honestly really getting me down now. If i dont answer my phone straight away i usual have between 2 to 5 miss calls off her.
9/10 she complains about some parts of her service recieved in which i am again bombarded with numerous phone calls and is 9/10 rude!!
I recently had a car accident which for obvious reasons i have had a bit of time off to get right for the christmas period. She rang me the day after my accident demanding i go that night as she just needed her hair doing for a date. Since then i just really dont want to put with this anymore.
Please any advice??


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You're going to have to use the same tactics as her 'previous hairdresser' and be unable to fit her in, it may take a while but she'll get the message and move on to be unreasonable with someone else. Be polite but firm, she's being totally inconsiderate to you and has no respect. These clients are not worth the aggravation!! If she keeps calling and harassing you, block her number!


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Unfortunately, you have allowed the situation to happen over a period of time and I don’t think you can put the genie back into the bottle if you try to reset the boundaries with her. She might co-operate for a brief while but will inevitably keep pushing your buttons.

Are you asking for permission to sack her?

If this was me, I’d calmly tell her that she has become too demanding and I am no longer prepared to offer her my services. When she argues, I’d firmly restate my position and say I’ve made a decision and it’s not up for negotiation.
I don’t apologise or use the word ‘sorry’ either.

She will be annoyed and possibly tantrum but ignore and deflect. She will move on to another victim, sadly.

It’s tricky when you work in a service industry to know where to draw the line when setting boundaries with some clients. Look on this situation as a useful learning opportunity and next time you feel uncomfortable, try to nip it in the bud and say ‘No, that doesn’t work for me’.

Dealing with awkward clients might feel very uncomfortable at first but it will get easier with practice. You can do this!