Advice on hair products please


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Hi there
I need to spend some time getting my hair into a good condition ready for summer but am not sure what to do and I don't want to spend a fortune.

My hair is very dark and very very thick and I have quite a lot of grey coming through but it tends to be underneath so it really shows when I put my hair up. I wash, dry and straigten my hair every other day as everyday takes too much time and when first washed and straigtened it looks dry and a little frizzy and I have quite a few split ends but the next day it starts to look greasy and I have small white specks in my hair not sure if this is dandruff or dry scalp or what (no it's not nits!!!)

I am hoping to go have a good hair cut soonand have some highlights put in as I find these hide the grey better than just dying it one colour and they tend to last long but what products should I be using? Ones for dry hair/ frizzy/flyaway hair or greasy hair?



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Products to use before straightening would be a spray protector, this will help the frizz as well as protecting your hair from the heat of the straighteners.
I always used a hair serum when my hair was long as I too got the frizzes, you apply a very small amount to damp hair before drying it works wonders, John frieda does some and I have used these and can be bought at boots if you havent a salon/hairdresser yet to buy from, but stay away from the scalp if you feel that area is greasy.
anti dandruff shampoos are ok, although can be a bit drying, its a little hard to suggest too much as I cant see your hair myself.
I would recommend going to a salon and asking them what they would recommend, and if you are having any colour you will then need a more specialised shampoo and conditioner, your tailor made products can then be selected for you from your hairdresser. I hope I have helped a little.