Advice on mobile beauty therapist - equipment needed and facial range

gillian w

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I totally agree !

I am of the opinion that an ironing board is for......ironing !!

This thread gave some brilliant views on the subject.

I know some people can't afford to buy a nail station, but you wouldn't go to a salon and expect to see a nail technician using the reception desk as a nail station because they couldn't afford to have both.
Yes very heated thread and don't want to go there again.My views were from me as a client and no ones using my ironing board to do my nails and thats that, and i don't care how hard i get smacked.:)


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I use an ironing board and my clients are all fine with it. Maybe a bit surprised at first when I ask but I am always asked back and nobody has objected (I give the option).

I have a table but its awkward and not user friendly.

I agree that perhaps a pro nail table looks better but when your carrying as many heavy objects as me (wax pot, nails stuff, pedicure stuff) I think clients sympathise and are only tohappy to allow you to use their ironing board.

Also clients comment on what a good idea it is and it looks great!!

OOC - what do you do if a client says they don't have an ironing board? My mum does her ironing on the kitchen table, as she can't set up/take down an ironing board, and a friend has a 'built-in' one in her kitchen, and there is no way you would be able to get someone either side of it.


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Then we work on their kitchen table. I usually ask on the phone if they have an ironing board we can work on - if not, I reluctantly take my table or have worked across my beauty bed.

Can someone close this thread now please? I have got the advice I needed and brought a portable foldable manicure table. This thread is just going round and round about ironing boards!