Advice on NVQ, CIBTAC or CIDESCO please!


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May 9, 2012
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I have been searching for information about doing the Beauty Therapy Course and would like to get advice on whether to study NVQ3, CIBTAC or CIDESCO.

My problems are;
1. I am not sure whether it is easier to get hire from the employers in the UK by having CIBTAC or CIDESCO compares to NVQ3? I have no plan and is unlikely to move or work abroad. To get NVQ3 I will need two or three years to do a full time course at the public college but regardless of studying time NVQ3 is the cheapest one. I might select to study NVQ if there is no different on being employed afterward.
2. I plan to enroll at Champneys College this year (next year if there is not enough money '_'). I originally like to take CIBTAC but might select CIDESCO course because they offers a six-months jobs at their spa. Is it OK to say that the extra 6 months-job is worth the extra money to pay for the course (CIBTAC=5700, CICEDCO=9700). Please advice whether these are true;To study CIDESCO is better than CIBTAC for three reasons;
one-if I get paid during the 600 hours working with them
two-if it (might or slightly) increase the chance to get employed by them and
three-by other employers afterward.

3. Do you think that to get extra knowledge or qualification such as Thai massage and foot massage after finishing the Beauty Therapy course are really useful. (or please advice which extra courses are useful!)

Thank you very much everybody for taking your time reading this rather long question. I know that many of you are self-employed or having your own business and back then or right now you didn't focus on how to get the job afterward. However, you still can help give me some advice on the employer-side like what are you looking for when you are hiring people or competing with competitors. I will also appreciate any ideas or thoughts that you believe might be useful (the experience of those who studied at Champneys is also highly appreciate! I have booked the place on their Open Day on 12 June 12.)

My very very best wishes


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Apr 2, 2010
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Training at Champneys sounds like a fantastic opportunity.

As a rule of thumb, I'd say that the more training/qualifications/experience you can get, the better.

In this respect, I think that the CIDESCO route would be a fantastic option.

Best of luck with it :)

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