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I've just completed a course in Spray Tanning with Fake Bake and was wondering what the best way to start out is. I have no idea how to gather a following on social media etc. I am working from home as I now have a beauty room set up.

Any advice would be great thank you!


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You’ll need before and after photos and ensure you get clients tagging you in their pics so it shows on their friends’ newsfeeds and shows the developed tan. Post on social media every day at least once. Even if it’s not a photo, get memes on, amusing posts just to get interaction.
Get clients to check in on social media, leave reviews etc. Just ask them if they wouldn’t mind doing it as it’s a new service you’re offering.
You could do an introductory offer for a limited time, perhaps give a discount on their next booking to get them coming back. They’re likely to book back in for Christmas parties.
Good luck.

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Social media is a big driving force for a business. Only a very small percentage of your social media followers will see your posts unless you get some engagement going (likes, shares, comments. When this happens, the social media platforms start showing your posts to more people, so it's important to think about the content of your posts and what you want people to do with them. Post frequently but make sure you think about what you're posting - if you're scraping the barrel looking for things to say just for the sake of saying something your clients will know and unfollow you. They will also unfollow if you post too frequently as it can come a cross as spam.