Advice on vertical splitting?


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Jun 9, 2017
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Northwest College of Beauty
Hey everyone, I've got a couple of quick questions. My grandmother has a couple of nails that split vertically from the free edge, and nail treatments and moisturizing has only done so much for her. (I would upload an image, but apparently it's too large.)

My first question is: Should I go with a silk wrap system, or just acrylic? Is there a silk wrap system that any of you prefer? (I've tried Backscratchers and frankly hated it, so I won't be purchasing that one again.)

My second question is: She also has some light, vertical ridges, so how would you recommend I make sure her nails are completely buffed? Some of the ridges are fairly close together, so a regular file or buffer has not worked in the past.

Thanks so much all!

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