Advice please on becoming self employed


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Hello all

I am considering leaving my employment and becoming self employed.

I was wondering what steps I need to take to achieve this please?

And once I am setup, how do I go about declaring my income?

I appreciate this may have been covered and I have tried using the search bar too and google has confused me a bit.

Thank you


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This link will take you to the website which is where you will find all the information you need about registering as self employed, how, when, where, etc. It is the official HMRC website so all the information is correct and current.


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have a look at coconut for a business account as it does all your taxes and stuff for you.

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There is a course with the princes trust for free, that covers all aspects of self employment and accounting, income and expenses, taxes, finding your target market, talking to mentors who have their own empires. I really recommend it. I waited til I was making more money than I knew what to do with and had zero clue what I was doing with taxes and business vision. I wish I’d known about it before. They also have downloadable spreadsheets to use if the course isn’t your thing. Of my group we became, a beauty therapist, a cleaning business, an inventor, a football training academy and a dog walking business. It was only one week and you get a mentor to meet up with after.


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Thanks everyone for your advice