Advice to get Crazy Colour out of hair


Hello hair geeks!!

I've had pink put in my under layers of my hair and I absolutely hate it. I won't bore you with the whole how I got to this point but basically it was craxy colour in cyclamen over bleached roots and highlights on lengths not what I wanted and it was waaaasayyy too dark and illuminous. I have spent three days of extreme cleansing ( usual cheap brand shampoos , leaving them on, crushed up Vitamin c tablets etc ) and in three days I have achieved about a month and a half worth of fading. My hairdresser friend advised a 6% peroxide shampoo mix which I've tested on a strand and it faded to a baby pink. Yay but is that all could a stronger % achieve more?

I've heard not to use bleach as it shatters pigments making in impossible to get out. Would the peroxide shampoo do this too? I had a consultation at tony and guy and the colourist said to chill out, let it fade loads more and he will bleach it out but I'm wary of bleach as an option because of the shattering of pigments thing.

Basically I'm asking here, what do I ask a hairdresser to do and not to do? I'm not intending to do anything professional myself. I just want to be sure I have the best thing done to get my hair so it can be back to blonde highlights at some point.

Thank you for your time xxx


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Hi Hun,

I had crazy colour in lavender on the ends of my hair. I had it on for about a week and a half before it faded to a really ash blonde. I shampoo my hair twice when I wash it - and that's washing it everyday. I thought crazy colour was only supposed to last 8-10 washes? I personally wouldn't want to put anymore bleach on my hair - especially on the ends as my hair would just break off! I would think the professionals will know what to do, however my advice would be just to leave it and it will fade in time.
HTH :) xxx


Thank you for your reply very much appreciated as I know I'm a consumer asking advice.

I think violet is a lovely colour but this cyclamen is super pigmented so I think it will only fade to a certain point then I'm gonna need extra help but the bleach thing worries me as a: I already have bleach underneath and b: I've heard bad things about bleach on crazy colours.

Thank you xxx why is hair so important to self esteem? I am covered in tatoos that I don't regret one bit but shove some pink in my hair and I can't stop crying!!!!!!!!


Just to update in case anyone else needs this in the future. I am going the natural route of fading with clarifying shampoo and patience. I think this is the best thing as I don't want to start having anyone getting it out With lotions and potion ( it could make the crazy colour be permanent) As it is a true semi it is designed to fade and I have managed to fade out the lengths to pastel pink (what I originally wanted) some of the ends are blonde again and the root (hidden) is still a bright pink but is getting there slowly. I'm hoping that in some weeks I can fade out the majority and then be happy and continue with having my roots foiled blonde or re also re do some of the pink in my original colour choice.