Aesthetic Beauty | First Walk In Botox Bar Opens In Beverly Hills

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    If you're a gal-on-the-go who needs to squeeze in a few facial fillers before your afternoon meetings then I expect you'll welcome the first walk-in Botox Bar, SKN in Beverley Hills. If you're slightly more cautious about the ever-increasing easy-access to dermal fillers and Botox then you might be a little more wary.

    Nestled between other 'quick fix' beauty bars such as nails, eyebrows and blow dries, Dr. Vicki Rapaport has opened the speedy service calling it 'super-convenient' for an in-and-out injection treatment. She stresses that she's all about 'talking it out' and ensuring that she offers the most natural look possible.

    Can we put Botox treatments in the same box as eyebrows, nails and blow dries? Is it something that should be a readily available to anyone who happens to walk by or do you think that it needs to be regulated a little more closely?

    I'm pleading the fifth on this one but what say you, geeks?

    Until then...geek on!

    The Ed.

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