Aesthetic questions re: qualifications?


Please can anyone tell me where i can do Level 4 or maybe foundation in cosmetic Aesthetics? I am wanting to work with skin peeal, Radio frequency, Lasers etc?
Thanks and I shall look forward to hear your replies!

I'm doing a level 4 in peels and Microneedling with Sally Durant. Its not cheap but great course content. There is also one available with the Harley Medical Group but I haven't looked at it. These are both recognised by the JCCP which may or may not have influence over who can do what in this industry.

Do you currently have your level 2 and 3 in beauty?

Vic x



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I’ve heard great things about sally Durant too my friend trained there and she certainly knows her stuff x

It was great, academically. Sadly, Sally Durant Aesthetic Education and Training went into liquidation on tuesday.

Oh wow what does this mean for existing students that have paid fees? Where else will be providing the Level 4 in aethetic practice?


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What area are you?x

Oh wow what does this mean for existing students that have paid fees?
In the very worst case existing students have lost their investment in time and money.
However CIBTAC are on the case, trying to work out ways to recognise student progress, and to help students finish with another CIBTAC establishment. It is complicated and won't be free - but potentially much cheaper and faster than starting over.
There is also the very faint possibility that the official receiver will find a way to keep the business going, or sell it as a going concern, but it will be a while before anyone knows.