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Sep 24, 2016
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Hi everybody as the title suggests I'm looking for some help with matrix colours in particular the SoRed line, I've only ever used wella koleston as that's what I was trained in.
I'd like to have a play around with a different colour line on my own hair I'm a level 6 naturally with about 10% grey
My current formula for my hair is
Wella 55/65 mixed with special mix 0/65 + 6% on my roots
I then do a quick bleach wash
And then I use guy tangs crimson spell all over
I do use olaplex all through the processes and I'm always happy with the results, but I'm finding it harder to manage since being diagnosed with fibromyalgia and me/cfs.
As I understand the matrix SoReds can't be used on the scalp but can be mixed with their Socolour permanent colour line and I believe its still 1:1 mixing ratio? (Would appreciate help if I'm wrong)
I'd really love my red to be as bright as it is now just with a little less work involved and would appreciate some advice if this is achievable with matrix.
Thanks for any replies in advance


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Jan 13, 2013
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London, UK
I could be wrong, but I think that SoRed is the Matrix version of L'Oreal Majicontrast (Same company).

If so it is essentially a high-lift/high ammonia colour that uses a type of direct dyes, specifically azo dyes.

The high ammonia will lift dark natual/coloured hair whilst the dyes create a vibrant red.

Using on scalp could possible create scalp irritation and stain the scalp/head as the dyes will stain the skin ketatin.

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