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Mrs Gadget

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Jan 30, 2003
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Anybody got any advice or know where I can purchase a good airbrush system in the UK?

Want to purchase one at Olympia and have been on the net nearly all day looking at them, am totally confused. :rolleyes:

Want to do a course which will also show me how to use it so ideally need a company that does training as well.

Any advice or info given is greatly appreciated.

I too am after an airbrush (when I have some money!!)

I will buy mine from Melle from allthingsnails -

she sells the badger airbrushes which are apparently the best sort you can get. Plus she offers courses and sells loadsa airbrsuhing supplies :)

Hi Julie, yes I second that. I use both the Badger and the Iwata guns. I like them both but the Badger is better value for money. You can get everything you need from Melle, equipment, paints, stencils and training. I can't think of anyone better.
If you werent trained in school for useing a you have to have any type of license besides your nail techs to purchase?? I was looking at a site and this person has a pic of their license saying they are certified to use an airbrush system. Thanks
Hiya :D :D
I got my airbrush and compressor from Rick AKA The Airbrush Doctor (featured in Nails mag a while back)
You can find them at ,they're really helpful....I didn't have a clue what i should be getting and they didn't mind how much I plagued :rolleyes: :oops:
Also if you ring them they'll send a catalogue out.... :D
Hope this helps!!!
Emmaxx 8)
Hi ladies

Have been onto Melle and sorted out me airbrush system and training course, thanks for all your help especially layla and jane.

Jue :D
Glad u took up on my suggestion ;-) Melle is a fab laydee :D

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