All over blonde on virgin hair with bleach hilights


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Hi all I’m hoping for a bit of advice, I have a client who is a natural 7 but has had at most half head of bleach hilights ,mainly t section for years,so her hair underneath is so much darker, she wants to go an all over natural blonde with still some hilights to brighten ,i was thinking t section of hilights but but fewer than normal, then a 9 between foils feathering into the hilights, and then full coverage on the total virgin hair, obviously starting at mid length and ends then roots? Anyone recommend a brand I did train with L’Oréal but do find there blondes quite dull? Also I’m not sure how the 9 is going to feather in very well over the bleach? I qualified only in level 2 few years ago and only really do friends and families hair and a few close clients. Thanks in advance