Hi everyone, I’ve recently started a level 3 nail course and have moved onto applying this particular academies own brand of acrylic,glue and monomer.

Any hoo after a week of wearing the nails (we apply them to ourselves) I’ve developed small under skin blisters, sore cuticles and cracked bleeding skin by the free edge.

I’ve had to take them off because it was getting unbearable. I’ve worn acrylics,gel nails, gel polish on and off for years and never had this issue. Is it possible their own brand had an added ingredient?

I will add that on purchasing one of their bottles of monomer it smelt wrong (like medicine, not the usual smell) and several of the bottles had dented in on themselves.

Any advice greatly appreciated


Allergies can develop in days, weeks, or years. It could be that a certain chemical inside their product was strong enough to cause acute allergy.