Am I too old?

I’m the Wrong side 45 but really want to retrain in basic Beauty therapy. A few NVQ/ITEC providers near me providing fastrack training.
Possibly then looking at starting a home salon as have the space and possibility of fitting work around kids.

Am I being mad?? Can a level 2 equip me with enough basic skills to start? What haven’t I considered about retraining at this stage of life?

Many thanks

Absolutely not! you go get those exams and training. I myself am almost 50years old, I went back to college just over 2 years ago, I did my level 2 and then level 3 on evening courses, It was the best thing I have ever done for myself, I was terrified it's true, and I found I was better at some treatments and not so good at others :p but I finally found something I absolutely Love doing, I love my clients I love everything about it I found myself at last I found my calling HAHAHAHA! I am now doing hairdressing to close the circle. My tutors were fantastic and so supportive they worked hard to make sure we all achieved our best, I loved all the girls on the course, the whole experience changed my life.
Your Never too old ! YOLO go for it and best of luck XXX

Oh my goodness Hope. sounds like I’ve found my tribe! Thank you so much for replying. Can I ask do you work in a salon or are you home based? So many questions


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I was 46 when I started my ITEC Beauty Specialist course doing evening classes and the following year did the ITEC Holistic Massage. I've added other qualifications along the way and I'm now 59! I have had my own Home Salon for the past 11 years and run a very busy practice. I really enjoy what I are never too old ! :)


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Thank you ReVive! Did you start out in a salon first?

Oh my goodness Hope. sounds like I’ve found my tribe! Thank you so much for replying. Can I ask do you work in a salon or are you home based? So many questions
I work from home, saving for a little unit in the garden, I work the school hours currently which means no noise or intrusions :) its surprising how busy one can get working from a tiny room in the corner of ones home :p X


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This all sounds really positive. If I intend to work for myself does it matter whether I take NVQ, VTCT or ITEC exams? VCTC seems more accessible where I live


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Ok so after more research appears VTCT is the awarding body rather than qualification? ‍♀️



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Hi Elizabeth, you have indeed found your tribe. I trained at 47. I did a CIBTAC qualification which included 10 weeks full-time placement in a busy Salon. I did free reception work for a therapist that I wanted to work with and quickly learnt the therapist ropes. I built up a column on a self employed basis as I trained. The therapist that I worked with, only worked a couple of days a week, so I rented the room on the other days of the week and built my business from there.

By the time I qualified I was employing part-time staff to help me and I built my salon business from there. I agree that working from home is by far the best financial deal - paying commercial rent is a mugs game. I've had to work for nothing and mortgage my house to establish a high street salon to be proud of. Meanwhile my daughter has opened a home based part time salon with a loan of £2500 from me. She has a full time job and has taken over £1000 in her first 9 weeks, working in her spare time.

Al the qualifications that you have mentioned are good. Have a hunt through the threads, you'll find that there are loads of older trained successful therapists loving their change of career path.

Good luck
I retrained at 45 don’t regret it at all. X


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Me too! I re-trained at 48, went back to college to do Level 3 Beauty Therapy and Nail enhancements (vtct) and I loved every minute! I was the oldest in the class, but that didn't bother me and I was even awarded Level 3 Beauty Therapist of the year! (I don't think I would have achieved that had I gone to college straight from school!)

I chose not to build my experience in a salon as I'll be honest, I know my speeds weren't (and still aren't) up to salon standards and I didn't want the stress and pressure of having to meet those expectations at my age! I've been fortunate that I was able to set up from home and initially keep my part time job whilst I built up my experience and client base. I then took voluntary redundancy in October 2017 and now just do beauty and nail treatments from our converted garage. My daughter has now joined me. (She has her own makeup and treatment studio attached to my salon). We both love working from home and ha e no regrets :)

You're never too old to follow your dream! There's plenty of us "mature" therapists out there!


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I decided to train as a beauty therapist at 40, until that point I'd been plugging away in retail. I think my life experience has made me a better therapist.


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I trained at 38. Now I’m 58. Got a years experience at a salon then worked from home for 2 years. I’ve rented a room in a hairdressers for the last 17years. Best thing I’ve ever done. Only negative aspect is really look after your health especially your back if you are massaging and waxing. As I’m getting older I’ve adapted how I work or else lots of pain


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There are a great many clients out there who prefer a mature therapist.
If I had a pound for every client who said they came to me because they didn't want a young girl ............(obviously I must look way over the hill :rolleyes: o_O )