Am I too old?


I hope you got going on your course I am the wrong side of 50 so dont worry about a thing a therapist can train any time the fact you want to do it means you will love the job

Many thanks


No, I started my Home salon once I'd completed my Massage course.
Just wanted to ask if you saw my post stating I have Caci & Environ machines and do the facials I need help getting started working in a spa at the moment and wages are awful but I have perfected my treatments by doing it any ideas your set up sounds great


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You're never too old, all you need is passion and determination, and that will take u a long way. I am stubborn, and that has stood me in good stead when I could have quit when things were tough, but I was determined & too proud to do that! I started out of my mum's front room, nothing fancy at all but if you're good at what u do, u can make it work. You don't need to buy the most expensive products to start with, just get going with what u can afford, & your skills will shine through.x
Thank you X appreciate your advice


Well put Maria I totally agree


Never too old, I’m 52! Took my level 3 & then level 4. Invested a great deal of time and money on the best Micro blading course I could find last year and so glad I did.
Rent a room locally. I wanted a decent income and to be able to manage my own time.
You can make it work, I have found that older people don’t always want to be treated by the youngsters ( not that their skills are lacking) but there is a connection with an older therapist that you just understand better.
Go for it and good luck. X

I have taught adult learners for many years, the oldest lady was early 60's. Never too old and it is an amazing career. Good luck with it

Women dont give up on looking beautiful anymore, and they never should have lol, so its never too late... work your butt off and do something great x