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Sep 6, 2013
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Marketing is a fundamental exercise for a beauty salon due to the mere fact that there is so much competition now. The important factor is standing out of the crowd, knowing what your business offers that others do not.

Most salons offer similar treatments, give or take the odd tweak. The trick is to always go that little bit further to stand out. Market your treatments with a V.I.P service, make it clear that you can offer more without your customer paying more. For example with every manicure, throw in a ‘luxury hand massage’ or add a pedicure with a hot stone foot massage for the winter months ready for flip flop season. This can also be used as a perfect re book time, sell your services and make your customer aware of what they might get with a haircut, an LA blow dry? Think creatively! Why would they go bog standard when they can get premium at no extra price?

Personalise your services. Whether you have 10,000 or 200 clients, SMS or email marketing is a brilliant way to let people know offers in your salon. Salon Trackers advanced marketing suite allows you to breakdown age, gender, last visit, purchase details and so on, so you can target exactly who you want to. Being personal is the greatest selling tool because it lets people know you are thinking of them as an individual rather than as a sale.

Marketing, events and promotion need to have some form of consistency. When you decide you need to promote to new clients, set about it in the right way and start a plan for the next 6 months. Know when people want individual treatments…. Here are a few ideas from us for each month.

- April/May- Tanning sessions are a safe bet with these months. The run up to summer and the odd sunny day makes us think of the preparation we have to do for our holidays. If you have sunbeds, this is usually an area clients like to ‘build on’. Surround your promotions around the lead up to holidays. However, don’t rule out your safe bets as even in the run up to summer we are prone to April showers. It is important to still incorporate safety treatments as a backup such as massages, hair masks, nails and waxing. Perfect all year round.

- June/ July/ August- The summer months are perfect for targeting body treatment promotions. The occasional heat wave and beer garden events are here so make sure you have the holiday options that everyone wants to see such as manicure, pedicure, waxing and spray tanning/sunbeds. Widen your target market towards the males in this season too. The metrosexual male has made it acceptable for men to look primped and preened in summer too so pull out all the stops for a pre-holiday prep package! School proms tend to be in the summer months too. Do your research and find out what to include in the makeover package then target your local high school mums (the decision makers).

- September/October/November- Time to push the darker hair colours, new edgy cuts, lash extensions and HD brows. Roll out the red carpet and roll in the party season prep. Make sure you change up the feel in your salon too to represent promotions, this always helps upselling when you switch up your retail products to deeper treatments and relaxation massages.

- December- The run up to Christmas is always hectic, everyone wants to look their best with countless memories being made at this time of year. Many pictures are taken around this time so much like holidays everyone wants to look their best from their toes to their hair.

- January- Winter warmer treatments, perfect time to incorporate skin renewal treatments, masks for face and hair that might be dry and damaged.

- February- Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity show the spa and relaxation treatments of your salon for individual or couple’s promotion. In the run up to Valentine’s Day why not offer a full body wax and spray tan at a discounted price.

- March- Tend the girls back into the hair salon with promotions on highlights and lowlights. Use the upcoming spring months as a time to rebuild summer back into your promotions. Inject some life through the treatments and focus on the shine. Don’t forget this is the month of Mother’s Day too so incorporate this into your marketing promotions plan. Get ready for the planning of your Easter promotions.

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