For a fair few months I have been contemplating investing in anti ageing products.

After all this deliberating I know it is an avenue I wish to divert down, ive always loved this line of work and have realised Ive really missed it, sorry for rambling so my question/s are as follows

*anyone recommend a monthly magazine that is geared towards anti ageing

*what products have you as a therapist found best to plump and enrich the skin

*Machine wise - what is currently on the market besides cassi that does what it says on the tin

*any company that allows level 3 beautician with background in nursing to undertake aesthetic training

Many thanks in advance


I only use organic products so can't advise on machines but the best line I have is Lavere, not to be confused with Lavera who also do a anti ageing line but it isn't half as good. I also use Ren which has 'botox in a bottle' but doesn't offer as many products targeted for anti ageing as Lavere, and the last product which is really good is Suki's ultimate facelift cream but it retails at £132 so it's not for everyone.


I know about the lavera products - an organic approach is good but after speaking personally to clients I feel that clients want a science based cream, I think if something works and you can justify the cost - people will pay for a good cream

Thanks for your reply


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Just a thought