Anxiety and work

Hey everyone

I’m having real difficulty at work sometimes with severe anxiety. I’m very busy all the time and have an amazing supplier but I always worry that my fitting won’t be good enough or the clients won’t like my salon for any reason or slag me off on Facebook.

I co-own a salon in Manchester with my business partner and we run a group of 5 staff. I feel nervous checking my messages in case there are any issues or check social media all the time, I hate it, It’s eating me up inside. We don’t even have many issues but it’s the worry of them maybe happening. Any advice will be very appreciated? X


Is it just work to have anxiety about...maybe seeing your GP would help for some CBT to change your thinking. Talk to your business partner about how you feel, your partners so any problems need to be shared, you don't need to face anything on your own. Xx


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Try CBT or Hypnotherapy.
Research the hypnotist first but a good one will really help you to reframe your anxiety back down into normal levels of manageability.


Sounds like you're convinced you need to be perfect, all the time, for everyone.

That way lies trouble......
You are good, great even, but not everybody will agree and you wont be top notch every single moment of every day.

If mistakes are made, you will handle them, and learn from them.
If clients dont love you then they will find someone else that they do love, saving you the hassle of trying to please them.

Remember you do hair, not brain surgery or world peace. Nobody ever died from hair extensions they didnt like.

With your partner and maybe your team create a complaint procedure- what needs to happen if something isn't right, and but time frames and evidence needed.
I.e a client must complain within a week and come back within 10 days.
They must not have tried to adjust bonds themselves or at another salon.
All complaints will be referred to you/partner/senior stylist and the client called back within 24 hours
Redo or adjustment is the first offering, refunds will only happen in ...... circumstances.

Also, together, create your 'perfect client' - age, gender, job type, income, attitude, etc.
Any client that isn't like that who doesn't 'get' you and your salon isn't the best fit anyway.

Good luck.