Any good offers on anywhere for the GHD's straightners please

There are many websites now selling ghd's. main thing to watch for is copies. It is impossible to sell them for less than £94 and make a reasonable profit if they are direct ghd stock, so use this as a bench mark... and look out for givaways with ghd's!
hope this helps

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Am new on here and this thread did catch my eye, last year I bought my daughter GHD's with products in a lovely pink roll case (one part being a heat mat) from our local College. There they teach Hair and Beauty and sell GHD and Bed Head to the public and if you know anyone who is a student there or staff you get a good discount too, I paid £110 for mine with bag and products and ended up getting about another 4 for relations to give as presents at Christmas.
So, if I was you I would check out your local college and see what they have its worth a phone call at least!!

hope you get her some, my daughter loved hers and still is obsessed with them........:)



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As an alternative, Health and beauty wear have a very good offer on babyliss pro straighteners.

You get a hairdryer, straighteners and a free trolley case. Bought this last week and the straighteners are very good. I did burn my finger as I'm used to using chi straighteners. Never used GHD so can't really compare.

Going to give the dryer to my sister as a pressie and keep the case as it fits all my clutter for work in. The case is quite handy, not to bulky to get into the front of my car and has some good little pockets for my keys and stuff.

Try this link hope it works. I spent ages on kelkoo looking at prices and this is the cheapest for what you get.

Health and Beauty Wear Limited BaByliss Pro



Your reply might confuse people, the ghd pink roll bag is only for breast cancer awareness in october, Gorgeous is another brand. The brand "Gorgeous hair" has pink straighteners all year round. Take a look at Gorgeous hair straighteners: official website for The Gorgeous Hair straightener brand. They specialise in bling and have jewels down the back of their straighteners. All their products are beautifully presented and used by top stylists like Royston Blyth

The Roll bag that I had with the straightners has GHD embroidered onto it and I got it last year, the straightners were'nt pink they were black and the local college by me still has them for sale! so was just letting her know that maybe her college might have them too. They also sell them in bags (Like makeup bags with products for £145) in all 3 sizes
Hi they sell them on ebay they are from ghd stockists which are sold sealed and brand new for around £70 - £80 they are good ive had mine for about 9 mths and no trouble at all plus you get recorded delivery free.