Any Tropics ambassadors here?

Any Tropics Ambassadors or managers on here. I really like the look of the brand. Wondering what their products for manicures and pedicures are like. What costs are compared to other organics and cruelty free brands. What tropic products work well for you etc? Is this a good brand compared to others?


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I know the name of a tropic manager, if you need a contact. I looked at the brand myself and had a taster session I really liked the products nicely packaged. What put me off was that I think it's a shame she went down the MLM route it and the products are considered expensive by my clients.

Thanks I did contact them with a few queries and they've advised they will get a manager to contact me. What's MLM route mean (sorry new to this). Yes, I'm a little hesitate about how expensive it would be. What alternative did you use?


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It means multi level marketing
"Multi-level marketing is a strategy that some direct sales companies use to encourage their existing distributors to recruit new distributors by paying the existing distributors a percentage of their recruits' sales; the recruits are known as a distributor's "downline."
So there are lots of people taking a cut out of it which makes the prices higher.
Also they encourage you to do pamper parties which just didn't interest me, I simply wanted some nice products to be able to offer facials, being mobile I didn't want a big initial out lay in buying in products. I would say the products are lovely.
I'm still investigating what products I would like to use. I quite like the look of these
I'm previously training in guinot, susan molynuex, dermalogica whilst working in salons but I'm looking for something more independent.


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We use tropic for our facials and pedicures. We also retail it to clients. My manager never puts pressure on me. She knows I don't do parties. We retail quite a bit and everyone loves the facials. If you want to speak to my manager, just let me know. It's not expensive to buy as you'd get % off as you'd be an ambassador.


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I've just joined this site and seen this thread.

I'm a Tropic Ambassador :)

Hello, just found this post. I'd recommend tropic for facials but there is only one size of foot cream and foot soak for pedi and it may not be economical for you unless you sell plenty of products and use your allowance to keep up your salon stock. They don't have a cuticle remover but the body scrub would be good pedi. Hand cream is fresh and nice again small size. Hope that helps you


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Any of the products can be used anywhere on the body. So the body cream and the body scrub can be used for feet and hands xx