Any way to save/strengthen my nails?


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thank you to everyone at SalonGeek for being
such positive, accepting people :)
thank you for your thoughts and your responses <3

...I'm trying to be brave, and to grow my nails long...
I have always wanted to. even though it's something I never thought I would have the courage to really do <3
now I have, and I really love them this way <3
and I want to keep them...

...but they are starting to break :( my index fingers,
just to name and shame the offenders here ;) and tbh
I'm not ready to lose them...?

so for now I have patched them up with the tea bag trick.
but I'm thinking maybe they need some added protection,
some armor, if you will :) ?
or I won't be able to grow them much longer
because I wasn't quite blessed with the worlds strongest nails :\ there something I can ask for at the salon for this?
can you recommend anything that can
help me keep them long and strong and growing (preferably straight! lol)
but without sacrificing their 'natural' quality?

i am completely naive to this stuff, so please forgive me.
& thank you for letting me ask. :)

...please help me keep my nails.
I really love having them, so much <3

thank you for letting me try to be brave,
and for allowing me to write here.
You're all very beautiful people and i love you for it :)
thank you so much.

<3 Ike


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Ibx is a uv cured nail repair and strengthener, it's salon only.

You can't see it on the nail either.

Beauty-by Charlotte

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Besides the classic treatments, you can try lemon juice :) Squeeze a lemon and keep your fingers in the juice for around 5 mins each day for around 10 days. It straightens them.


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Nailtiques - formula 2! Follow the instructions in the box and I promise you will not be disappointed :) it's amazing stuff!! Xx


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I just got the mirror chrome kit from Dennis Williams I'm confused is the nail strengthener In the kit used as the base coat. Any help would be much appreciated xxx


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Gel Builder.

Either Gel in a bottle or i have had blue sky on my nails before!
I went from acrylic extensions to this and grew my natrual nails and i LOVE it

My hands are constantly in and out of water ( being a hairdresser ) and they are so strong!