Anyone know of an app that tracks appointments/loyalty cards?

Combines an appointment system on your iPad/iPhone as well as a loyalty card system. I currently use an appointment book and pen but clients are forgetting appointments and times and asking if I can remind them. I also thought it would be good for sending emails with offers and promotions.

I also was looking at updating my loyalty card system as clients start a card and forget to bring it to get stamped or lose it. I saw a geek on here has a 1point let pound system which 1point = into 10pence. But wondering what they do to keep track of clients spendings and when they use there rewards they've earned.

Or even if two different apps are used I don't mind. I just want to update it all. Thankyou! I'm also going to be buying the worldpay zinc terminal if anyone would like to give me there code? So that you get amazon vouchers

Thankyou! X

Also interested in this, I'm sure there's a website called rewardit that offers electronic loyalty cards x
Have a look at ovatu ... It's brilliant... Automatically texts clients and you can log all treatments , retail products ... See how much you have taken etc xx
And has a loyalty facility xx

I second ovatu. It's brilliant!
I use spa Booker. It's expensive at the level of what you are asking it to do but worth it. Does email text and promos along with loyalty program.


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Ovatu is brilliant x
Does anyone use a cash drawer with the app xx
Just about to give ovatu a play! How do I work the loyalty part of things on there? I know I have to upgrade aswell xx
I'm also having a play with ovatu, is the app free or do you still need to sign up? I only really want it to keep track of regular clients.
Is this an iphone only app?

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No you can use it via the website too so very useful. Xx


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I've got a reward it system and it's brilliant


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Is ovatu free?
I've tried to have a play with ovatu but can't seem to add more than 1 service to a profile? Can anyone help? X

I'm not sure but if you email them ( or message them on facebook they are pretty good at replying x


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I'm trying to set up on Ovatu every time I go to set up a client it throws me out?