Anyone offer an effective slimming wrap?


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A couple of clients have asked me if I'll be offering an inch loss (even if temporary and just water weight which I would imagine a lot/most are) I'm after something professional, ideally which I could train in, but not too costly for the client

Does anyone offer anything which has a good effect say before an event etc, and could anyone advise whethe this is the sort of thing that could be done while a client has waxing or lash lift done?


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I offer the express Universal contour wrap.
Works well (although temporary inch loss of course).
You just buy the box kit.
I have done wraps before so I didn't do any extra training for it.
I include a mini treatment in the price as it is on for 50 mins.


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Thank you CFBS. Did you train initially in wraps or is there no need?

Do you do any prep work ie body buffing or exfoliating beforehand or is that not needed? That sounds like an effective treatment.