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Can someone give me some advice please. My daughter went for an appenticeships in a local salon, she is already level one nvq, she was told to go back for one day last week to do an induction day which she did.

Today she went back to see if she got the job and was told she was "too enthusiastic" and she hadn't got the job. The owner said she could go back in the school hols an do a week in the salon and try to tone down her enthusiam.
The owner want her to do a week from Mon-Fri 9am to 6pm and wont pay her any money.

Is this the way it works in salon? I thought child slave labour went out years ago.

Do you think she should work the week for nothing?

Any advice would be great.

Jo xx

thats terrible!!! how on earth can you be too enthusiastic!!!!!!
its not normally like this in a salon, it would be exerience for her to go but i have to say if the owner has already said that its not a good impression for someone who wants to work there, i certainly wouldnt like to!


Is this a fabulous salon. a salon that will teach her everything she needs to know. learning the up to date cuts colours and so forth in house training. day release college. A job after she has dolne her apprenticeship ??????

The salon has only just opened up, the owner is not even a hair dress she just has hair dressers working for her.

even if she works the week for nothing the woman has not promised anything,she just wants to see if my daughter can tone down her enthusiam!!


my advice is to find the best salon you can. a salo which will offer her the above things i mention, I've been a hairdresser for over 30 years on andoff. I say on and off as i've done lots of different things, but i;ve always returned to hairdressing, and was able to return to hairdressing, because i had great hairdresser's teach me the trade, It's hard to be a good hairdresser in this day and age so go for the best salon you can. don't phone up to see if they need anybody. get your daughter to go to the shop in person and if they haven't any position then could they consider her in the future, and leave her telephone no. aim high as these little salons, there not going to take your daughter anywhere,there not going anywhere themselves, hope this has helped .your daughter learns good hairdressing, she'll have a job for life.


She has taken her CV into quite a few hair salons so hopefully something better will come up. I think their is a Tony & Guy one 20 miles away.I will need to find out.


Great . It's so hard to get into a good salon, but i think if she keeps on the ball she should get there. your only as good as the person who taught you, so go for the best,
good luck.:)thg


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Hiya this is just a general question what has the size of a salon got to do with the quality of training?? :confused:


Maybe she means a week on work experience which would be unpaid though there is guide lines how many hours she can works.
Are they the words of the owner or your daughter In what she told her??

I have to say no matter what salon she works for apprentice money Is pitence. worth It In the end If she can stick It out.
To me when I was training, meny moons ago, money was not the priorty, I was earning 25 a week, whilist my friends who had office,factory,shop work were earning double than me. my passion was to learn,work,enjoy all the aspects of hairdressing there were many highs and lows, too this day i still have that passion and keep on learning all the time.

Have to say didn't like the comment about "small salons going nowhere" size has nothing to do with It. Infact you will find small salons, you learn more,have varity of customers, as a business point of view they tend to have a healthier profit what more could you want.
big salons treat you as a number rather than a person, tend to have there way of training just for there salons only.
I agree always aim high, I encourage all my apprentices to aim high, look at your career options, travel,cruises, being your own boss, having a salon. I give quality time to them to cover all aspects of hairdressing not just the current seasons look

I rambling now lol ...

Good luck to her whatever she chooses.

My daughter does not mind doing the week for no pay but this woman has not said that she will keep her on after. It's basically to see if she can "Tone down her enthusiam" which is very strange! So she could end up doing the week and still having got know where. I think my daughter should go to college and learn.

Little Angel

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My daughter does not mind doing the week for no pay but this woman has not said that she will keep her on after. It's basically to see if she can "Tone down her enthusiasm" which is very strange! So she could end up doing the week and still having got know where. I think my daughter should go to college and learn.

Did she say what she meant? IE was she too loud? Talked too much? I don't personally see enthusiasm as a problem??

As for working a week with out pay, it will give her a good plus to put on her CV. Also a big tip get her to attach a photo to all the Cb's she takes to salon's, that is what stands out for me when i read Cb's.

I also disagree very strongly with the comment that little salon's won't take your daughter any were.

We are a Small salon/medium salon with only 8 stylist's but we give excellent training and working conditions!! My most recent apprentice not only finished 6 months ahead of the rest of her class she is a fab young stylist who i have no doubt will be promoted within the year!

I am not saying your daughter should go to this salon you really need to look at all her options and check out other salons. If any salon's show an interest in her it does show enthusiasm to offer yourself as work experience for a few days FOC. It would certainly impress me as an employer, and she can also gain valuable references too.

I would also like to point out that Toni & Guy are a franchise and they train you to either cut & style OR color! Which makes it difficult to get a job in a different salon. And the Toni & Guy that is in my town well lets just say that all the clients come out with the same hair cut and they surprisingly (NOT) aren't busy.


She tried to speak to the owner today to find out how many hours she wanted her to do but owner was not there.Hopefully she will find out tomorrow.

Great advice, Thank you, I think my daughter will have to consider all the points made here.

Jo x

Regards working for nothing, everyone on my evening NVQ2 course is having to do work experience for no pay if they don't already work in a salon. Even 1 week will give her valuable experience IMHO

I'd say if not hing else turns up, do it, use the salon for yourself, the way they might be using you. Works both ways hun! She still may get a job at the end of it, and if she doesn't, it's still something to put on the CV.