Applying oil after lash lift/perm

Hi! I haven't used nourishing oil after lash lifts and tint because I've been taught that oil breaks down the perm quicker. I'm confused. Can someone give me advice on this please? Ellebanna the lash lift product I've started out with didn't offer the nourishing oil at the time either. Would the oil be applied after the lift or after tint?

Also, lash adhesive that works the best, for best price. Any suggestions? I've used Ellebanna strong hold Dolly's.


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I always use the nourishing oil after lash lift and tint. I use it to break the hard bits of tint on the shield and to help relax the lashes of the shield and then on the eyelid to get any remaining glue of. That is how I was trained what do you use? X