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Discussion in 'Business' started by Aisha Lalley, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. Aisha Lalley
    I'm looking for a mor efficient way to schedule bookings (an app maybe) and be able to contact clients through the same platform however I'm coming across software and apps that allow the client to make booking them-self which is a feature I do not want. Can anyone help in terms of suggestions for this... is there an app that exists

    Thanks in advance for your time
  2. salonfrog
    Hi Aisha

    Depends on your budget. Timely is very good and although it has the ability for clients to book their own time, you don't have to use this feature.
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  3. suse82
    I'm using shedul and so far not had any problems with it.
  4. Savvy Salon Marketing
    As above, Timely is great. I used it in my salon and I loved it
  5. Niksmiss
    Also using Shedul. You can turn off clients booking themselves in. At the moment I think it's still free.
  6. lala85
    I use setmore it's free and sends out booking confirmation emails and then reminder emails (you set the time scale for the reminder I have 24 hours)
    You can text, call and email through the app as well and they can also cancel their appointment via the reminder email. You can also use it for them to book but I don't have that part set up as I'm mobile I can't have people booking themselves.
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  7. mad moo
    Same as lala85 I use Setmore and love all the above benefits mentioned. It also syncs with your personal calendar.
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