Are perms a thing of the past??


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hi hair geeks!

i'm thinking of having a loose perm on my hair.
are they still popular? or have they turned into a thing of the past??

my mum always has a loose perm on her hair, she travels a lot a likes the fact she can wash it and a little moose then its fine for the rest of the day or if she wants to put electric rollers in having the perm helps to hold the curl for longer.

i like to wash my hair and leave it to dry but then half way through the day i'm not that happy because my hair doesn't feel 'done'! and i think having a perm will give it the bit of 'ooomph' that i'm after!!!!

any thoughts on what to say to the hairdresser when going for an appointment so its clear i don't wanna come out like a poodle?!?!? :lol:


Perms are starting to come back in, but very soft natural looking ones, but I know that with pregnancy perms can react funnily, not take as evenly or drop out totally within a week or so, so if I was your hairdresser I would be advising against a perm for the short term future, also I think they can be harder work, as you have to wash or wet the hair every day and then put mousse in, and with a baby this could be more hassle, only my opinion, but perms are not a good idea when pregnant because of the chemicals.

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Try the Babyliss conical tong before a drastic perm! It gives easy and beautiful spiral curls that last. Plus you can still have straght hair too!