Argos Clearance Massage Table, any opinions?


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Jan 27, 2009
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MASSAGE BED NEW on eBay (end time 03-Nov-10 11:37:03 GMT)

A great bargain, but would love feedback if anyone has one like it? They're also for sale on Ebay for about £70.00.

Many thanks,

Hi Lisa,

Iv got the couch that is advertised on ebay - although I couldnt find the one you were looking at in Argos.

The ebay couch is a good sturdy couch, if you want it for mobile it is a little on the heavy side, although I have nothing to compare it with. My "head hole" has broken but it doesnt stop it doing from the job and when I can be bothered I could easily fix it, the arm rests and the head rest are good. I suppose the only thing it is lacking is the fact that the client will be constantly laying flat as there is no option to tilt the head end. I dont need that facility but I could imagine it would come in useful.

Dont know if thats of any help but I hope so. It would be interesting to see the one in Argos so if you have a code post it so I can have a nose :lol:

Looks very similar to mine too! My head cradle broke very early on, but tbh its no great loss! The couch I have does sit up as well, and as blinking gorgeous says, it is a bit heavy for mobile, but I did several trips to case studies with it and managed ok. I got mine off ebay from a seller called health my reflexology stool from them too. Very pleased with both purchases, quick delivery as well..:) They are a bit tricky to put up single handed on a laminate floor though..there's an art to it!!
It's no longer on Argos, it's in their clearance store on ebay.

Can't you use the link? I'm confuddled!

Here it is again anyway.

MASSAGE BED NEW on eBay (end time 03-Nov-10 11:37:03 GMT)

Hmmm, they don't state if it sits up, I'm going to be using it mainly for waxing so would be handy if it can sit up. I will be using it for mobile so may have a re-think if it's too heavy to carry.

Will check out the other links too, thanks. :D
Personally I wouldn't buy any massage table without first trying it out for comfort and build. This is what your clients are lying on, if they aren't comfortable then they are less likely to come back.

Massage tables are one of the most important pieces of equipment you'll buy, so make sure you invest in it.


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