At home beauty salon?

I’ve been mobile for over a year now in beauty, and was thinking of changing to do doing a home salon to make things easier for myself?
Does anyone do home based beauty and would recommend it?
Not sure how I feel about people coming in and out of my parents house as I’m only 19 and still living at home, they said they don’t mind but would the client mind at all?

All you can do is ask your clients the question about if they mind coming to your mum and dads house. As I replied to your debate about whether or not to become home based you did not say you were still at your parents. It will be easier for you , but your parents are very involved so they need to be consulted about the impact it will have on them and their privacy.
That brings a whole new perspective on the matter. My parents did not mind my clients coming to their house whilst I was training when I was also 19. I realise how lucky i was to have such good parents. My father was self employed so he was great about it actually.
So a little conversation with clients/ parents will be the best way forwards.
As I said before in a previous thread you could still do some mobile as well.
Once trained and After several years in a salon, I then became home based when had my 2 sons........... fitted in well , but I had a dedicated room for the salon, a very supportive hubbie and lovely clients. Plenty of off road parking and that is the key.
My family have been brilliant in making sure they remained discreet whilst I was working, kitchen smells are inevitable and obviously there are waiting issues if the client arrives early or I am running late.
All things can be resolved I am sure.
" go for it kid " as my dad said to me 37 years ago LOL
Good luck x

Yeah it my mums idea and my dads also so I’m sure they don’t mind at all, as soon as you walk in my house the stairs are right in front of you then straight oppstire the stairs would be my beauty room, so it’s not like you’d have to walk through the whole house I can shut off the doors to the living room and keep the dogs in there also, I will ask around and see what the clients think, thanks again x


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If you have let's ok need to make sure u warn Kent's before they come as some may have allergy/ fears

Yeah of course


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I work from home and my clients prefer it. Several have expressed how calm and relaxing they find it in comparison to a busy salon. Some said they feel anxious going to a modern salon and don’t have that reaction coming to my home.
However.....there are cons. This is my home and I have a family. Not all clients are respectful of this so ensure you set boundaries straight away.
It’s not ok for your regulars just to come straight in and sit in your living room while they wait, or bring their children, mates etc.
I do find it stressful working from home with 3 teens but I’m sure your parents would be better behaved lol however it is their home and when you have strangers in and out all day it doesn’t always feel that way.