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am 30yrz old iv been hairdressing 5yrz,not fully qualified but am the main colourist in salon,i do blowdrys +upstylez to,am just wondering whats the average wage for this does any1 know plzz! think am being screwed


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At age 30 you should be on 7.20 ph ( national living wage ) as long as you are not an apprentice level .
Any higher would be up to the salon and how much business you generate etc .


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I see that the OP is in Cork, so i'm not sure if the living wage is the same over there?

Generally you are considered an apprentice as you aren't qualified. Are you working towards your full qualification? This should entitle you to more money.

As a little side note Victoria, you may find that you get more replies when you spell everything out properly. Text speak is a little frowned on here because there are a lot of geeks who have English as a second language and don't always understand the shorthand x

How have you been hairdressing for 5 years and you're not fully qualified?
Minimum wage is £7.20


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The OP is in Ireland so UK rates of pay don't apply.
(Luckily, minimum wage is slighter higher in Eire. :) )

OP, I think you should visit your local Citizens Information and ask their advice.


You shouldn't still be unqualified after 5 years training so I'm guessing your training is all in-house? What's holding you back from qualifying?

Whilst you're obviously experienced in colouring, you might find it difficult to find another senior position in a salon without having the actual qualification so you're not in a good position to negotiate a pay rise at the moment.

I think you need to focus on getting certified as a priority and then you'll have more options. You could consider working mobile, for instance.

i have been told since last sept that cutting classes will start a year later and i am still waiting, maybe its time to move salons because all i have left is short cuts, i am not being moved in thus salon because they have enough stylists, its colourist they need and i am the only full time colourist another girl works fri and sat who does colour but that it!! i am on the same wage as a girl in the salon who just applies all over colour after the stylist has spoken to client and doesnt do anything else then besides shampooing and going out for about 20cigarette breaks a day , i just thing i am being screwed!! i dont get commission like the other colourist did who is gone on materity leave! am workin non stop in there,threw my lunchs ,9-8 on a thurs,sometimes with no lunch depending, am sick of it all for a shit wage