Back,sack and crack waxing for the Guys

Discussion in 'Skin' started by collin, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. Axiom
    Oh now come on Collin, think of it as research... You can be Julie's model, we won't feel a thing (you might, though)! :D

    Seriously though, to answer your first post - my job as a therapist is to make the treatment as comfortable as possible for the guy on the table. This means through everything from their initial enquiry to their arrival at the salon, the consultation process, the treatment itself and right to the moment they walk out of my door. I'd go out of business very quickly if I failed at any stage of that process, and I can honestly say that of all the people I've trained, every one has had the same commitment to customer service - no plans for revenge or secret sadistic tendencies (honest!).

    I do get the occasional enquiry from therapists who say something like "we don't really want to do it but we keep getting asked for it so I suppose we better" - I won't train anyone with that attitude, it's not good for the industry and it's certainly not good for the poor guys out there who want to get this done. Fortunately for the male race, however, our fellow Geeks all have a desire to be the best at what they do and I'd trust my jewels in the hands of anyone on this thread (and no, that's not an offer, lol!!).

    You'll be surprised how popular it is, though, especially this time of year with Valentines rolling around :D

  2. collin
    So the night was long and these thoughts took up the entire the time I could see the bottom of the second bottle of wine (only kidding) I do have to say that after my wife offering to do the jobby for me I finaly gave in and agreed to get it done......

    So there I was stark b*****k naked laying face down on the kitchen table at 2 am in the morning waiting patiently and with heavy pounding heart for my wife to come in and "get on with it"

    Well you can emagine my horror when she walks into the kitchen with a blow tourch going at full pelt...OMG I have never gotten out of the house as quick in my entire life :lol::lol::lol:

    Ok so I do sometimes have to make allowance for her (as she's German you know) but this was simply going to far :smack:-sorry hun !!!

    Well I guess its down to getting it done (for the sake of research of course) by someone who is both English (sorry hun) and experianced so ok I will agree to take up your kind offer...unfortunatley no live GMTV shows permitted ...I will allow audio recording of the event...maybe I can sell some disks at £5 a pop on E Bay and make some money from all the pain.

    So here I am this morning laying yet again on the kitchen table stark B*****k naked (seems to be getting into a habit with the laying on the table bit)ready for you to come up and give it a go....did I tell you I moved to the Shetland Isles during the night :lol::lol::lol:

    Happy Valentines day to you all :Kissing::Kissing::Kissing:
  3. Marlise


    Let's put it this way. My partner used to be "au naturale" and as a girl who started shaving everything off when she was just 13 (long before the term brazilian was even invented) I started to persuade him to perhaps consider trimming down there.

    Initially he was dead against it, but after careful coaxing and persuading (i.e. telling him it would look bigger :lol:) he finally gave in.

    He has been a long time trimmer now, would like to have it waxed, but is scared of the pain.

    BUT, he says he can't believe he didn't start doing this years ago and can't understand why any man would want to be "au naturale".

    So, perhaps give it a go and see how it goes. I'm sure you'll be converted !

  4. Kim Lawless
    I'll wait for your call Collin.

    Bev Rose............Yes, that was me. I guess it must have done but the good thing is that it's making it easier for men to get waxed without feeling they're the only one doing it. I'm on Radio 1 this week too and in Womans Own dated 18th Feb.

    Nose hair.........I use a technique with hard wax (non strip wax) that really doesn't hurt as it pulls all the hairs out in one go. Pulling one hair out is a 100 times more painful. Honest !
  5. beautyathome
    i have also done my hubby, i laughed all the way through it, with tears coming down my eyes. :eek: His toes were curling up as i was ripping the strips off, I think that could only mean pain :lol: I think his exact words were 'NEVER AGAIN'. The only reason he had it done was for sensitiveness 'I think he had lots there' :lol:
    He said the worst one was not his bum but his bikini line and is sack, lol. He knows how some women feel now after every bikini wax, lol.
    thanks :green:
  6. chantell simone
    when I done my waxing training my daughters dad was my client for my assessments

    I done a bikine lini, half leg and underarm!

    Needless to say he has never let me do it again, but i have admit i did want to laugh when he screamed
  7. mcmog
    As a wannabee waxer I've just been considering my own motives for wanting to learn male waxing...
    Waxing is satisfying - you can see where you've been
    Most men are hairier than most ladies, therefore the transformation from fuzzy to smooth is even more pronounced
    I imagine the satisfaction on completing a b/s/c is somewhat akin to the feeling you get when you've cleaned a really filthy grill pan?
    honestly, if it hurts they are going to the wrong therapists, it is a real skill to perform this treatment.
  9. JoSu
    Interesting reading on this thread!

    Does anyone know where I could get training in this type of specialised waxing? I live in Scotland and most of the big companies do not seem to offer it.

  10. Zo Zo
    Learn Male Waxing

    Andy can travel to you :)
  11. Thompson1
    Can the Back sack and crack be done with austrailan body care wax. One of the lads at work has asked me to do it him, however never done this before. Is there any videos out there or treatment plans to follow? I wont be doing this for clients but thought its worth a bash on one of the staff lol.

    One of the girls used to work in a salon where they did it but never did it or seen it done personally. She said that they had to advise men before they got it dont that sometimes people get an erection and this may be normal however if they tried any funny business they would be in toruble. Is this normal practice?

  12. loubylou
    You would be better to ask Kim or Andy if the wax you use is suitable,
    but i would advise if you have not been trained to do intimate waxing do not try it out on anyone without training as when you rip off the wax you can also rip skin off in this very delicate area,
    and for your sake and your victims sake the only thing you want to see on that strip of wax when you rip it off is hair and nothing else iykwim :lol:
  13. collin
    I do have to say this has been fun ...however I am absolutly asounded with you wax geeks...what a fantastic job you guy's do got to take my hat off to you for two reasons

    1) the job itself you guy's do

    2) Wax geeks seem to be way ahead of all the other geek's(skin,nail,hair etc) in providing a service to the male sector which as we all know is a growing one and one which we should all be inspired by your efforts in tapping into..again well done!!!

    By the way I have been doing a bit of home work on the issue male intimate I know us guy's are more "mechanicle" in our nether regions compared to you ladies(and im not talking about fixing the car here) but what's this I hear about the "totem pole" effect with the guy's jobbies when your waxing around this area,...I am lead to beleive this "totem pole" effect does actually make the hair removal this true and if so what do your hubbie's/partners think of you offering this service?
  14. Ruth Mills
    Aha Collin, I can see you are referring to the effect that the physicists among us may refer to as "Hooke's Law" - which I would say is probably not as advantageous to the waxing process as you might think. For starters, it would make it virtually impossible to get to the hair just above the "totem pole" at the bottom of the belly. Secondly, it's perfectly feasible for the owner of the "totem pole" to pull it taut for waxing its underside rather than having to rely on hydrodynamics :green:
  15. collin
    I absolutley love this buisness and learning something usefull each day I log onto this forum :hug:

    Thanks for the info Ruth although you'v just gone and got my mind working in overdrive mode now tst tst tst ...

    So tell me...if the unfortunate guy does somehow suffer from the "Hooke's Law" effect and when he gets up from the treatment I guess he has to be very carefull not to knock over your favorite vase sitting on the table next to him...or do you anticipate this and put all vases at high level well out of harms way:lol: :lol::lol:
  16. Ruth Mills
    LOL, "Hooke's Law" actually describes the extension of a spring when tension is applied to it - something along the lines of T = k * delta x / l - so the extension is proportional to the tension ;)

    I would imagine that the gentleman in question would have to be *particularly* well-endowed in the totem-pole department to be able to knock a vase over from several paces - or just particularly clumsy lol...
  17. collin
    this is exactly wha I love about this site...such wonderfull information for us all to take in and pass onto others......

    Tell me though was this a theory developed by Zebady(guess i spelt that wrong hey) from magic roundabout :lol::lol::lol:
  18. Ruth Mills
    Nope - I think it was a girl in my GCSE physics class who suggested this alternate application of Hooke's Law - way back in 1990 or thereabouts ;)
  19. collin
    You wax geeks just amaze me really have a fantastic prespective on offering a wonderfull service to the male market...pat on the back guy's...we should all really take a leeson from you .:hug:
  20. huberella

    My reason for offering male braz waxes is none of the above. I simply do it because they want it done. To me, gender plays no part.... it's skin and hair.... simple as that.

    And it is no more painful for a man to get waxed than a woman. However, men tend not to have as high of a pain tolerance.

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