Backscratchers discontinuing, help needed with new dipping system

Hi everyone I need help I’ve been using backscratchers extreme dipping system for 17yrs but they’ve discontinued it I’m looking for another dipping acrylic/resin system to use for extensions. Thank u

Anyone xxx

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SNS is pretty popular, but there are many alternatives. Nail Alliance (Gelish, Artistic, Entity) have versions.

Most tip and dips don't vary in tech much.


I use Venus nail supplies they are a london, uk based Vietnamese nail supplier but i have found them to be extremely reliable and very helpful also they stock most of there 400 + colours so great choice ... they also do training at their shop london but there is also a place in Birmingham that does sns training xx ... been using them 4 years
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SNS! Not used them personally so I don’t know what it’s like to use but whilst travelling Australia I had SNS manicures and I fell in love! Xx


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Ive personally used entity and gelish dip both are really nice, but stuck with gelish dip as they have 120 colours that match their gel polish and nail lacquer line, which i use so a client can have a matching colour in gel or polish on toes to go with their dip system colour on fingers