Bare minerals - skin reactions help?!


I use bare minerals on my clients, but I can’t use it on my self, my skin reacts to it, I get loads of bumps on areas applied then the bumps peel and then get really dry itcy until it all flakes off takes about 2 weeks for my skin to look normal again. Dose this happen to any one else? Or any of your clients? It’s a bummer coz I love this product and it works amazing on my clients skin.

My skin is really weird I get really blocked sebum sites all over my chine and cheeks and between the eyes, but my skin is really dry and am prone to eczema its also really sensitive and when I was training at collage I had to go on steroids a lot because I would get major skin reactions, I also got broken capillaries around my nose and tops off my cheeks. I currently use md formulations (cleanser and face and body scrub) and dermalogica cleanser (special cleansing which I find drys my face out, have tired essential but I find my sebum sites get worse! And skin smoothing as my day cream and I use the refining mask on my chin! But dosent seem to be helping. With a few veribel masks that strengthen the epidermis and a veribel night cream and I use dermalogica foundation. I also double cleanse every morning and night, normally MD in the morning and Dermalogica at night.

Sorry its long winded but just thought the more information I give the better it will be for you geek to help me find out why my skin is reacting to the bare minerals, and if any of you can see if any of you could help with my weird skin lol

thanks inadvance


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Well it is possible that you can ge allergic to any of the products, even natural minerals in any mineral based makeup even the 100% mineral ones.

What I do know is that Bare Minerals includes the ingredient Bismuth Oxychloride which is a well known irritant. The only thing I could suggest is to try a mineral makeup range that does not include this ingredient to see if that makes a difference. But it could still be one of the other ingredients so it is a case of trial and error. Taking into account your other skin issues then you may still have the same problem.

One I know that doesnt include this is Lily Lolo.

Lily Lolo Mineral Cosmetics: Lily Lolo provide natural makeup,powders,foundation,lip gloss & makeup


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If your products are not working then don't keep using them. I would not use a face scrub on skin that has broken capillaries as it will just make them worse. If you get eczema, sensitivity and congestion I would strongly recommend you try using Gerards GLA line. They have an enzyme peel you can use twice a week instead of the scrub. The products do not clog your skin and actually help to clear black heads! I would definately recommend using the cleanser and toner if nothing else. Here is the web link Welcome to Gerard's - Retail Products


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Your skin sounds very similar to mine and both before and after qualifying I have spend lots of time and money trying to find something that really suits my skin and to be honest I'm still looking!:rolleyes: During my first few weeks onlevel 2 my entire face literally peeled and my tutors said they had never seen anything like it, and also I have tried mineral make up (Lily Lolo) and I react to it too.

I have actually found that the less product that goes on my skin the better it is. I moisturise every day and cleanse and tone once a day. I apply an enzyme peel when I remember :o and odn't often apply masks because I always react to them.

Sorry that isn't much help to you :rolleyes: but sometimes it's good to know you're not the only one!:lol: If you find a solution let me know!!!!


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My mum is very similiar in that the only thing she can wear on her skin is aqueous cream, which she uses to cleanse with too. My mum has a type of Rosacea which only means she can wear lipstick and some eyeshadows. Like others have said sometimes the less you put on your skin the better.

The most basic make up powder/foundation i have found, and i have looked far and wide!! is Earths Dont think you can get any lesser ingredients than whats in this.

Good luck with finding things!


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Think it might be the bismuth oxychloride too or you might be mica sensitive.
I have good experience with . They have differerent foundation formulas and they have free sample kits so you can test the colors before you buy full size. I think it's great and it's cheaper than bare minerals too. Maybe worth a try? :)

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this happened to a client at the salon, but it ended up being the Babuki brush that was irritating her skin, and not the actual product itself


Thanks geeks, for all your advice:hug: will have a look at the links you have provided xx

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One I know that doesnt include this is Lily Lolo.
I stock and use Cozmetic Labs mineral makeup and it doesn't contain Bismuth Oxychloride.

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Hi there,

Theresa's right. Some mineral brands aren't as pure as they try to say they are so you have to watch what's in them by the ingredient list. I know that I do PR for this brand, but have a look at Inika Mineral Cosmetics too. They're really pure and were created by women for women who react to other products. Inika also send out samples for you to try so you can see if you'll react before you buy a whole pot - much better in current times!



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Hi i was very interested in your post on cosmetics that can be used on skin problems such as psoriasis with out causing irritation. I suffer with this condition as do some of my clients but i would also be interesdted in this range for all my clients.