Basic wax course?


Hi I need to do my basic wax certificate because I want to get involved with Intimate waxing.
Can anyone recommend a course that they have been on please?
I live in Bedford.
Many Thanks


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This isn’t a personal recommendation, but I’ve never seen a less than glowing review for Kim Lawless intimate waxing courses. Everyone always seem to rave about her style of teaching and she says on her website that beginners often pick up the techniques quicker because they’ve no bad habits to break.


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Yes as Haircutz says, Kim is happy for you to come with no training at all. She will give you all the confidence and skills you need to become a proficient intimate waxer.


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Personally speaking I wouldn’t recommend Kim’s training if you aren’t qualified in waxing as there is no theory and no test in knowledge/theory. You are sent theory but not asked to do a test or show that you even read it. I’d go get basic waxing course first which I believe Kim does then do her intimate course.