Beauty couch


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Hi. I am starting a business offering eyelash extensions, micro blading etc. I am looking for a static comfortable and sturdy couch for my home salon, but am confused by the variation in prices. I was only looking to spend around £300. I have actually seen hydraulic and electrical couches for this price, while others are priced around £1500!). Does this mean that the cheaper ones are that uncomfortable. Has anyone got any experience with couches from Wido, or any of the companies on amazon? Can someone recommend a good couch that will not wobble? Thanks for your help.

I have an electric bed which was £950 and it’s the best, it goes into all positions, up & down and really saves your back. I really wouldn’t buy cheap as you want your clients to feel comfortable, be able to take the weight of clients and also avoid you bending over too much :)


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I've stuck to my usual thing of always buying used high quality items. So always on an ebay hunt and invest in electric beds where you can change positions. My personal fav brand is Avalon couches. Not cheap but oh so nice!


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Thanks for your feedback. I ended up buying a Carlton Professional Elec Couch on Facebook Marketplace for a fraction of the price!