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    It's ten years since Dove sought to redefine what beauty meant with their 'Campaign for Real Beauty' and now, in a new world dominated by social media, they are attempting to do it again.

    Ten years ago, Dove conducted a poll that found that only 23% of women believed that they could control their view of beauty. Since then, the figure has tripled, and it turns out it's down to social media.

    "We are seeing women take more control over their definition of beauty than ever before. In fact, they feel like they are responsible for defining their view of beauty," Jess Weiner, Dove's global self-esteem ambassador, told online magazine Mashable. "They are becoming less reliant on outside sources and are finally defining it for themselves."

    The findings from Dove's most recent survey were featured in a seven-minute short film shown at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival. The film, called Selfie, tracks the journey of a handful of teenage girls and their mother's as they take selfie's that focus on the things they don't like about themselves. These images are exhibited and visitors are asked to post notes about what they think is beautiful about the images.

    Dove is hoping that the film reminds us that, in this digital age, we are in control of our beauty, of what we find beautiful and of what other people find beautiful about us and, after all, it beat glossy magazines telling us what is beautiful and what isn'

    Watch the Dove film HERE.

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    Call me a cynic, but I've always had a bit of an issue with the Dove 'real beauty' campaign, mainly that it's rather odd that Unilever who own Dove and promote 'real beauty', also own Lynx, who delight in quite extraordinarily depictions of women clad in bikinis who are all to willing to jump on a man if he so much as sprays himself with Lynx! I find it rather inconsistent to say the least! Mind you, what can you say about a company that bought both the companies behind Ben & Jerrys and Slimfast on the same day!

    I can't help but feel its just a cynical ad campaign whose longevity is based more on the boost it gave to the sales of Dove products than any real concern over depictions of what makes a woman beautiful. For those interested, there's a couple of thoughtful evidence based posts on this here:

    Dove: Changing the Face of Beauty? | Froehlich | Fresh Ink: Essays From Boston College's First-Year Writing Seminar
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