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Sue Marsh is known as many things. Nail technician extraordinaire, queen of lashes, all round industry guru but, after seeing her new lashes range, there are two words that jump to mind: artist & designer.

Whether it's nails or lashes, Sue has never been content with just following the crowd. There's no doubt she's a trend setter and, if you were lucky enough to see her nail work, you'll know that she was doing nail art on extraordinary levels before you and I knew how to tie our own shoes. But, in 2004, Sue left the nail industry and never looked back. She needed a new project and set her sights on lashes and what a perfect choice it was.

Lashes have always been an element of our industry that has been literally crying out for someone to take it by the horns and sort it out. We've been sticking false eyelashes on our lids since the 60s, but despite the decades in-between, no one has got it right, that is of course, until now.

Sue has an client roster of A listers as long as, well, something very long (not that she'll tell anyone who she actually works with) and out of sheer desperation she decided that, in order to fulfil the demand for Marsh-lash-magic, she had two options: clone herself or create a consumer lash product that's smart, intelligently designed and above all, incredibly simple.

Her Eye Boutique range is, simply, outstanding. I'll be honest. I hate false eyelashes. I hate buying them (I always buy's not like you can try them on), I hate trying to fix them to my face (shaky big hands + glue + teeniest, tiniest surface area = big fat mess) and I hate the feeling of wearing them. The tickles, the awkwardness...for me, it's just not worth it.

I shared my misgivings regarding false lashes with Sue. She understood. In fact, my issues with lashes were exactly what she was trying to overcome and there's no doubt she's done just that. Despite my shakes, my big manly hands, my terrible co-ordination and my hatred of all things tickly in the eye area, I could use these lashes. In fact, since yesterday, I haven't left the house without them. It took a stern word from my husband before I'd remove them to go to bed.

All lashes are half-lashes and very lightweight and wearable meaning that you'll look natural, feminine (not a drag-queen lash in sight!), pretty and uber natural. For the first time, Sue has integrated flashes of colour with black lashes on a level that's so subtle you can't tell unless you really concentrate. Whether it's burgundy, purple, blue or brown, the coloured elements of the lashes will give a reflective effect bouncing colour and light back into your eyes making them look brilliantly bright.

"I've adapted techniques I use in my clinic and applied the same pinciples to my first false lash collection," Sue says. "I always use coloured lashes on my clients as it really does highlight and emphasise the eyes. It's not about over the top heavy lashes - the look I love to create is real, understated and incredibly beautiful."

But, my geeky friends, that's not all. Sue has created a tool and if you thought the lashes were fab, you haven't seen anything yet. It's a tool that's so invaluable to the application of lashes that you can't believe it hasn't been thought of before. Gone are the days of hand applied lashes. You know that feeling when your previously elegant, feminine fingers felt like fat, slimy sausages trying to handle a feather-like lash and coax it gently onto your quivering lid? Yes? Well, there's no more of that.

So, the lashes, the tool, the hypoallergenic glue and the Magnif-Eye Mirror compact with integrated light are all you need and Sue Marsh has created it all. Finally, someone who has got it right. One day, not long from now, you'll be able to sell these in your salon. Do it and tell me where you're based so I can come and buy some myself.

I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

Until then...geek on!

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Where can you buy them please???????


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Two words- I want!