Beauty | Women Rely On Make Up For Confidence

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Wellbeing brand Beurer's latest survery has discovered that women will spend the majority of their life wearing make up. Turns out that, despite what they say, our beautiful insides are not shining through quite brightly enough. Women love their make up and will spend more time wearing it in their lifetime than not wearing it.

Researchers polled 2000 women in a detailed study about women's make-up habits and beauty routines and found that in a typical 24 hour day, women will have a face full of cosmetics for nearly 13 hours a day and will have just 11 hours free from it.

The poll also found that most women put their 'face' on at 8am and spend an average of 11 minutes doing it and don't take it off until about 8.47pm. In fact, a quarter of women said they don't remove their make up until after 10.30pm. Nearly two thirds of women admitted to keeping their make up on all evening in case guests popped in unannounced.

Somewhat worryingly, nearly one in five women said they would refuse to open the front door if they didn't have a face full of make-up and 10 per cent said the more make-up they have on the better they feel. In fact 38 per cent are so reluctant to take it off they admitted to frequently going to bed with all their make-up intact.

Robert Slade, Sales and Marketing Director of Beurer UK said: "This research shows that many women spend a large part of their time with make-up on.

"It can no doubt boost your confidence and make you feel better about yourself so it's not surprising that many women insist on keeping it on all day.

"Despite that it is important to give your skin a break from time to time and to give it the care it needs."

Well over half of the women polled said that they feel less confident without make up and one in two said they 'dreaded' people seeing them without make up. This is despite the admission by over half of the women that their partners preferred them without make up where is this lack of confidence coming from?

There's no doubt that make up has the power to make us feel amazing but shouldn't we be happy without it on as well. Isn't it a bit weird that over half of us don't want to open the door without make up on?

I'll bet my postman wishes I was one of those women...the poor man has been confronted by me in pyjamas with my greasy hair falling out of a hairband, baby sick on my shoulder and a dirty nappy in one hand for the last three months. Make up?! Are you joking? I can't even find a bra.

Until then...geek on!

The Ed.